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Hello. I noticed that my computer is infected with an autorun virus. It has changed my folders to Application, giving it a .Exe extension. Whenever I try to open the folder, nothing will happen. Next to that, my anti-virus will pop-up detecting an autorun virus.

Please help me get my entire folder back. Renaming it and removing the .Exe does not solve the problem at all. Also, what is the best anti-virus or tools that can remove the Trojan on my computer. My AV program can detect it but there is no way that it can be deleted from my computer.

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  1. Sabrina sai

    Shift – DEL will delete it with out sending it to the recycle bin.

    However if it says this file is in use, then hit CTRL – ALT – DEL this will open the “windows task manager” see if the file is listed on the list. If it is then Highlight it and end process, now go back and delete it.

    If is not, then shutdown restart press F8 start in safe mode then delete it. Safe mode loads the basic driver set to get you into a stable GUI enviroment. So what ever program it is should not be loaded in safe mode.

    Now if your just trying to uninstall the Utorrent program, right mouse click on its icon on the lower system tray and select exit (Stops the program). Then goto Start> Control panel> Add/Remove programs find it in the list click on it the select Remove on the right side.

    Hope this helps

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