MSIVXcount or MSIVX virus

My antivirus detected these files but cannot remove it. Anyone can help me?
File, Invisible to Win32: C:\WINDOWS\System32\MSIVXcount
File, Invisible to Win32: C:\WINDOWS\System32\MSIVXkfjefjjurxdutmyxnveavvljmarkpqmx.dll
File, Invisible to Win32: C:\WINDOWS\System32\MSIVXopneldfwbkqobowtjpgeduimiobybgtl.dll
File, Invisible to Win32: C:\WINDOWS\System32\drivers\MSIVXmfasbqwbmebrvfvioxdxfnvocoqaxpdu.sys
File, Invisible to Win32: C:\Users\Michael\AppData\Local\Temp\_tc\MSIVXcount
File, Invisible to Win32: C:\Users\Michael\AppData\Local\Temp\_tc\MSIVXkfjefjjurxdutmyxnveavvljmarkpqmx.dll
Folder, No admin in ACL: C:\Users\All Users\Microsoft\OFFICE\DATA
File, No admin in ACL: C:\Users\All Users\Microsoft\OFFICE\DATA\OPA12.BAK
File, No admin in ACL: C:\Users\All Users\Microsoft\OFFICE\DATA\opa12.dat
Folder, No admin in ACL: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\OFFICE\DATA
File, Invisible to Win32: C:\Program Files\MSIVXcount


  1. Brain2000

    The newer version of Combofix will do it. This one will mess with your URL’s so you may have to attempt this downoad several times. Older versions of Combofix wouldn’t even run. Hijackthis won’t run. SpybotSD won’t run. The MSIVX rootkit seems to be pretty nasty.

  2. SocrateAD

    Brain2000 thank you, one thousand times for the post. I tried 5 different antiviruses and no one worked… ComboFix did the trick. BTW after running the combofix finally I also got rid of the Google Redirection virus/issue.

  3. Devero

    Thanks for the info… combofix took care of the problem.

    One other tip! I couldn’t get the program launched becasue the MSIVXcount rootkit virus blocked it from running as with my other removal programs… Just rename the executable from combofix.exe to xxcombofix.exe and then right click to properties. Select to run in a 2000 windows compatability mode. … then MSIVX = Dead!

    WooT, google works again :)

  4. city cricketers

    Hey thanks for the Info. I also got this problem. I can detect it using Malware bytes. Will try with combofix also to search for more threats. actually i always get a notification that online protection tool is avaiable and download it? how can i remove that.. ??

  5. Martin

    Brain2000 – a big shouty THANKYOU! fixed!

  6. Stacie

    Tried EVERYTHING, nothing worked!!
    This DID, thaaaaaank you, thank you, thank you!

    I had browser redirects, my spybot wouldnt open , nothing opened, now everything works!

  7. Barb n Julz

    We had the same problem. Tried everything….nothing would work, until COMBOFIX!! So, thank you!!!

  8. Pete

    Yep, combifix worked and now my machine runs like it was doused with molasses. It automatically installs STOPzilla and then you have to figure out how to get it to run like it used to.

    The cure is worse than the disease. The virus didn’t slow my system down but was only a distraction. Combifix has turned my system into a boat anchor.

    I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone.

  9. Brain2000

    Sounds like you ran the wrong combofix. That’s why I posted the link. Be careful where you get it from. Only get it from BleepingComputer or ForoSpyware. All other sites can be fake.

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