Mighty Magoo Virus

Whenever I browse the internet I keep on getting messages coming from Mighty Magoo. Also a random advertisement appears on my computer. Please advise me how to remove Mighty Magoo virus from my computer. Thanks.


  1. The Magooroo

    Hi, this is Mighty Magoo Support. In the wake of some negative comments that have been made about our website, we want to reinforce that the Mighty Magoo site, downloads, and games are formally TRUSTe certified and audited. Mighty Magoo is not spyware, malware, a virus, or a hijacker of anything, nor has it ever been.

    Our business model is to develop and publish free-to-play games to our site by requiring our audience to download the Mighty Magoo ad-supported software so as to become a member, unlock the site, and make the entire game library available. If you uninstall the software, the site will lock and the games will be unavailable to you.

    In order to install the Mighty Magoo advertising software, you must respond to one of our owned and controlled landing pages that provide full disclosure in the About Us, Terms, and Privacy sections links. Since we recognize that many consumers may not read one of these three available selections, we also provide, at the first step of downloading, a fully detailed disclosure screen that clearly states what activities and actions the Mighty Magoo ad software performs. This ad software is not bundled with any other software. It has fully-branded disclosure on each ad unit and does not attempt to hide or obscure its activities.

    The Mighty Magoo advertising software can be fully removed by using the Add/Remove Programs within Control Panel or using our “deactivation” software provided on the mightymagoo.com site. Removal of the software using various unsanctioned virus or spyware removal tools may not work properly and could cause greater problems for your Add/Remove Programs feature, browser, or operating system. We strongly recommend that you choose to remove the software using Add/Remove Programs or our deactivation software and not using third-party spyware, malware, or antivirus tools. This will completely remove all components of the Mighty Magoo advertising software.

    If you have further questions or need support, please contact our toll-free number located on the About Us section of mightymagoo.com.

  2. Xayn

    All i wanted to do is uninstall you and what do you do? YOU KEEP POSTING ADVERTISEMENTS ON EVERY WEBSITE. I was just done from removing Gamevance, your little software, and NOW i am downloading anti spyware and wasting my time because you ARE RUINING PEOPLE’S LIVES.

  3. Anti-Magooroo

    I would like to respond to the “agreement” bit of YOUR shpeal that you just layed down.

    As an IT tech and having various system problems. This is because a person MUST download YOUR software in order to play YOUR games.

    A seemingly innocuous adware program that should not cause problems in fact DOES and is seen as a threat on antivirus programs anyway.

    If you WERE legit why do people need to download anything? That is where the truth is and why your response is teeming with odiforous pungent stench rather than actual truth.

  4. soudran


    This is the uninstaller that you can use to get rid of the program.

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