IRP Hook Virus Removal

I need help. My AVG antivirus begins to act strange for the past few days and keeps on identifying several presences of IRP Hook rootkit viruses. I did run a full scan on the computer and AVG detected at least 18 IRP Hook rootkits. I select all identified items and choose “Remove All Unhealed” from the options. I though, it successfully removed the viruses but after restarting the computer, it displays a blue screen of death (BSOD) and shows many errors.

Turning off the computer and rest for a while seems to help. After turning on, no more BSOD and it boots into Windows normally. However, my problem with IRP Hook remains. Running another scan still reflects the virus it gets even worse. The item increases from 18 during the first scan to 22 after the recent one.

To give you a clear view, here are some items detected on my computer.
Object name: unknown
Detection name: IRP hook, \Driver\atapi IRP_MJ_INTERNAL_DEVICE_CONTROL -> 0xFFFFFA800486E334″
Detection name: IRP hook, \Driver\atapi DriverStartIo -> 0x848DF2E2
Detection name: IRP hook, \Driver\atapi IRP_MJ_INTERNAL_DEVICE_CONTROL -> sfsync02.sys +0x18B4
Object type: File
SDK Type: Rootkit
Result: Object is hidden

Please help me find a good IRP Hook rootkit removal tool. I want to get rid of this persistent virus as soon as possible without reformatting the computer.

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  1. JAU

    Try following the links that AVG provided to you: That should help you with removing the virus and fixing your mbr.

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