Interval hehe Virus Removal

After downloading WinRar, I have a pop-up saying “Interval Hehe” Some of pages access such as Yahoo, Google, Facebook are redirected to Microsoft Security Centre page. Is this Interval hehe part of WinRar, or I have downloaded an infected version of it? I remember that it was not downloaded on the official web site but from a torrent server.

Also, I noticed that Internet Explorer now has the title of “Interval Hehe.” Even though I am on a different web site, the same title will appear. It is really uncomfortable and I want to fix it as soon as possible. Need your help.


  1. Alan

    I to have to problem and none of my spyware or antivirus programs seems to find it.

  2. Chi-Town

    Remove the data in the c:\windows\system32\driver\etc\ file. open it with notepad and save the blank file.

  3. will

    okay here it is, the first thing you do is remove the Winrar program of course. download “super anti spyware” which is a free freeware.restart your computer and run it in “safe mode”
    If you do not know how to run it in Safe mode this is how, once you restart your computer and it cuts of repeatedly pres the “f8 key” and you will here a beep and your computer will give you an option to operate in safe mode. You will have to use your keyboards arrow keys to navigate, if you use a wireless connection you will select”safe mode with networking” The computer will then basically ask you that you do realize you are in safe mode select yes of course.

    open anti super spyware, run the quick scan function, it is totally safe and will remove unneeded cookies.
    Next, once it is finished click yes and remove items.
    Go to the start menu and select “run” copy and paste the following:C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\ETC

    the first file you will see will be called “hosts” right click it and open it with “notepad”

    highlight everything in the file and delete it, replace it with the following copy and paste: localhost
    after click file and click save.

    Lastly, open my computer go to :c drive, then go to “windows” folder, “system32”, and search for the “explore exe.” file this is the virus! when i searched for this file the icon looked like a stack of books, when you find this file right click it and delete it! restart in normal mode and you have successfully removed this virus!

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