Internet Explorer Warning – visiting this web site may harm your computer!

Why do I have this message “Internet Explorer Warning – visiting this web site may harm your computer!”
I keep getting redirected to this web page whenever I try to browse the Internet. The another page will pop-up asking me to download a program Antivirus 360. Help me.

Update by on July 11, 2010
A rogue program called AV Security Suite is also using this fake warning to redirect Internet users to their payment processing website antivirback . com. Below is the screen shot image of “‘Internet Explorer Warning – visiting this web site may harm your computer!”

Internet Explorer Warning Image


  1. webmaster (Post author)

    1. Download Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware (mbam-setup.exe) and save it on your Desktop.
    2. After downloading, double-click on mbam-setup.exe to install the application.
    3. Follow the prompts and install as “default” only
    4. Before the installation completes, check on the following prompts:
    – Update Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware
    – Launch Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware
    5. Click “Finish.” Program will run automatically and you will be prompt to update the program before doing a scan. Please update.
    6. Scan your computer thoroughly.
    7. When scanning is finished click on the “Show Results”
    8. Make sure that all detected threats are marked, click on Remove Selected.
    9. Restart your computer.

    Note: Some malware may prevent mbam-setup.exe from downloading and running. You can download and rename this program from a different computer before running it on infected system.

  2. val tyrone

    i did this already but it still blocking the webpage

  3. Roberta

    I have this problem to its a nightmare i downloaded Antivirus360 by mistake and now i cant get into the web unless i click the back button and sometimes this doesnt work either, i am using Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware now but its not finding anything, do i need a new computer xx thanks

  4. nikki

    I got this thing too. I cant’ get rid of it. My Norton expired and I’ve been using some free anti virus but I still get the warning page!

    Please help.

  5. Arin

    hey, same things happened to me also.what can i do now???

  6. Danny

    Someone Help ,, How do you get rid of this stupid “Internet Explore Warning” , every site i go to i get blocked ,, absolutley frustraiting
    please help

  7. Maria

    Pliz someone help, I’m sick and tired of this antivirus 360. Is there a solution for this… HELP!!!!!!!!!!

  8. bad

    it work, thanks

  9. B

    It worked fine. Follow the directions and it should work. Be patient.

  10. Cat Campbell

    I am having the same exact problem for a week now and I’m wondering if there’s any free scans I can do that will help this problem without purchasing anything.

  11. happy

    it works! my computer was all messed up but know its like brand new! thanks so much!!!

  12. Thkful in AZ

    Thank you so much for the helpful hint. I downloaded Malware and my computer is working again. I didn’t even have to purchase the program!

  13. Mark

    This worked perfectly, I did exactly as the instructions stated and my problem is fixed.

  14. Jason

    IM having the same problem im tryin the mallware software now ill come with feedback comment in the end.

  15. Jason

    It worked flawlessly so far… I recommend use the webmasters suggestion and u wont have any problems.

  16. JAWAUN


  17. D

    I’m going through the process now. I’m having to use another computer to download the program and burn it to a cd.

  18. Rachel

    Thank you so much! I can’t believe it worked. Usually I have to go through tons of different suggestions when I have problems.
    Can’t thank you enough.

  19. ranganthan

    i have problem for interexpor in xp os its same web site open is bocked
    is tell some : Warning! Visiting this site may harm your computer how to remove pls help me

  20. Barry

    Worked great. You gotta burn it on a disc from a different puter. The infected one won’t open the page where u need to get it.

  21. addy

    i erased something called iehelper that was an add on. it was in my windows system32 folder. first i had to cut it paste it on the desktop. reboot the computer then put it in the recyling bin. try that.

  22. Venator

    My computer had this problem too. It didn’t affect my Mozilla Firefox browser. So I was able to download the program indicated by the Webmaster with Firefox and browse while the steps were being completed.

  23. pgr2gamer

    i believe the free trial of AVG will work!

  24. mikee

    I was skeptical about the answer to this question,
    but it WORKED!

    thank you thank you thank you!

  25. wardy

    just do as it says ….and it worked a treat …got rid of all the rubbish….many thx

  26. advgmni

    Here are removal notes:
    * Turn off system restore, then turn back on after clean up is complete.
    * Make sure to Export all Registry Keys before deleting, just in case you delete the wrong key, you can always import it back in.

    DELETE: msxmlm.dll (File size: between 365KB and 370KB)
    *Check file size. 404KB is the legit dll

    Registry locations:
    DELETE: {A77D3539-581D-450C-9E44-A84C415A6172}

    DELETE: {A77D3539-581D -450C-9E44-A84C415A6172}

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerBrowser Helper Objects
    DELETE: {A77D3539-581D-450C-9E44-A84C415A6172}

    Run: TrojanRemover (simply super software)
    Run: ComboFix (combofix . org :: MUST RUN FROM DESKTOP)
    Run: A-Squared Free (download . cnet . com)
    Run: MalwareBytes Free (download . cnet . com)
    Run: Spybot S&D (download . cnet . com)
    Run: CCleaner (filehippo . com :: File & Reg cleaners)
    (*Perform full scans for all)

  27. Delvin

    Thanks for the instructions…worked like a charm…
    (I had already wasted much of my time by going through all the registry entries..but detecting them manually is a pain.)

    Thank you again….

  28. Heidi

    My daughter’s PC was infected with this, and AVG did nothing to prevent or cure it.

    Malwarebytes did the job. I closed ie and downloaded and installed the program using the Google Chrome browser, which so far seems immune from this particular malware. It takes just a few seconds to download and install the google chrome browser.


  29. starfish

    i downloaded AVG and it got rid of alot of crap on my pc but it diddnt get rid of that stupid pop up warning thing so im scaning with the recomended above see how it dose

  30. charlie brown

    im going to try this now i will let u no if it owrks

  31. charlie brown

    do i need to purchase this????

  32. webmaster (Post author)

    Off couse you dont want to purchase a rogue program like Antivirus 360. It can do nothing on your computer.

  33. johnytango

    Charlie Brown, webmaster was right. If you have to puchase a program. Get the legitimate one.

  34. sanj

    hi i had that problem too. it was very hard to remove even atfer all the files and registry entries are deleted. however i remove the msxmlm.exe process from task manager. since then that warning sign was disappeared. thought this would help someone. thanks.


  35. jbfan26

    I was able to put my computer in the safe mode and did a restore. When I restarted the computer I was able to install Malwarebytes anti virus and so for everything is fine. Thanks for the help on this board.

  36. Mike

    Totally brilliant. Malawarebytes nailed the problem completely. MSE had identified the problem but had only deleted some of the damage. Malawarebytes did all of the rest. It showed very clearly which bits were causing the problem, and it fitted exactly with what I had seen on the net.

    Thank goodness that I had Firefox on my pc as well as IE, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to get past the debilitating IE problem to find the solution (ie. this site and the product itself. I am so so grateful for this.

  37. Hamton

    Spybot S&D has gone way downhill, but if you liked the older versions (the definitions are outdated, but the ones there are still useful) you can Google “old applications” and download earlier versions from a number of sites.

  38. Amber

    Time to upgrade your browser! IE 6 is over 10 years old and modern websites don’t support it. Use Firefox, of if you have to use Explorer upgrade to version 8

  39. Dave

    another removal tip,

    boot into safemode with networking most easily done is by pulling the power plug in the back (the big power cord you plug into your power strip) and plugging it back in then turning on your pc make sure to watc it for when it says “windows did not shut down right blah blah blah” pick safe-mode with networking,

    then download spybot search&destroy from here

    and malwarebytes from cnet

    update both detection policy’s and run both while still in safe mode
    after both are complete and all things are removed restart your pc and enjoy a spyware free pc

    Also make sure you run both programs once a week to avoid any other “oops” moments

    sandpaper and water work great on your monitor ;)

  40. Grant Conner

    I keep getting a pop up that says warning visiting this site may harm your computer! Why?

  41. wendy

    I am getting on Internet Explorer and all of my browsers Internet Explorer Warning – visiting this web site may harm your computer! i can not sign on to yahoo either and when i try to do what webmaster said it will not let it run at all i got nortion runing now and i having to use my son computer at the moment but he going top need it when he gets out of school and i have to have my computer working online before then what else can i do

  42. Salvy13

    I got the same situation as all you guys do, I got the same dumb warning on the internet, thats not all the laptop is not mine its my cousin and I’m afraid I mess up her lap top and I have no $ to pay it back, man. Frustrating. Please someone help me out. Please.

  43. Joe

    So far, it looks like SuperAntiSpyware seems to be seeing it. Hijack this also seems to be picking up on “something” – but Hijackthis is NOT for the novice or untrained. You can do real harm to your computer if you don’t know how to use it.

    But, as I said, SuperAntiSpyware does seem to be recognizing it.


  44. rawr

    Okay people, I don’t think your understanding.

    Yeah, Malwarebytes removes the MALWARE which is Something like Antivirus Soft or AV Security Suite (which is what I had.). Dont just go to firefox and IGNORE the “Internet Explorer Warning – visiting this web site may harm your computer!”. That could just let it reset itself.

    WHAT WE WANT TO KNOW: AFTER We have used MalwareBytes & Removed the virus (this is my problem, It only does the msg on certain webpages though?) you STILL see Internet Explorer Warning – visiting this web site may harm your computer!, except on my internet it only does that for Google and Yahoo Home Page???? Please help, we’ve already done malwarebytes, what we need to know is how to fix our internet!!!!

    How can we remove this message manually?

  45. Jenna87121

    I just had this happen to me, the computer expert i spoke to said I had to bring my computer in, I first tried a “System Restore” to an earlier date, I was able to go onlie after that and go to download Microsoft Security Essentials that will work, it’s a virus so try this, it will work. Doing a scan right now and found about 10 virus so far

  46. Aaron

    I downloaded and installed Malwarebytes successfully exactly as the directions said but it WILL NOT OPEN. I double click and nothing happens. Every site I visit on Google Chrome or Internet Explorer it comes up with that very irritating page. I am using Firefox to type this (and used it to download Malwarebytes). This stupid virus makes my computer think every program I open is a virus. I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO.

  47. laura

    I have installed Malware however when i try to run it i get a popup baloon stating that the application cannot be executed. The file mbam is infected.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
    Thank you

  48. Joshua

    I am having the same problem Laura! Now, I don’t know what to do. Can someone offer another solution?

  49. Joshua

    Oh Laura, save the setup on your desktop, and restart your computer using safemode (F8) before it loads up and then click on it. It’ll work then! Best of luck!

  50. Taylor

    I downloaded the malware remover and could not open it. It said this file is infected. That was in safe mode. Also, I am unable to open the internet in safe mode/networking. Nothing is working. I am wondering how are people downloading and running these malware removers, because right now I have tried everything you have said with no luck.

  51. JJdaJet

    If you still see the warning on only some pages after you’ve ran malwarebytes. Make sure you try hitting the refresh button or shift + F5 to ensure you’re not loading a cached version of the website.

  52. jason

    The only problem is i cant download that thing because i cant get to the website or any website for that mattter

    someone please help

  53. Golden

    If you can’t connect to the Internet, check your lan settings. Uncheck “use proxy server for your lan settings”. This should allow you to connect and allow you to download Malwarebyte. It worked for me. Your Lan settings are in Internet Options/Connections

  54. Keisha Larkin

    I had the the same problem but I logged into another user name on my computer. I downloaded mozilla firefox and was able to get onto the internet. I made it my default search engine. I will go back into the infected username and see if I can open mozilla firefox. I know this is not a fix but it seems to be a good work around for me now. if you do not have any other user account on your computer consider creating a another user and maybe that username will not have the problem with internet explorer. good luck

  55. TOM619

    If the program won’t open for you on your computer, make sure that you’re offline. The virus will block you from opening the program if your connected to the internet.

  56. Kristen

    It just got ahold of me when I was using firefox. Couldn’t access the internet what-so-ever from my infected computer so I had to download Spyware Doctor from a different computer and transfer it over with a flash drive.

    Crossing my fingers that it works….been running for about 5-10 mins…7% complete

  57. Eden

    Oh my gosh, it worked! Thank you SO much!! :)
    It took like an hour and 20 minutes, but it was well worth it.
    Your a life saver!! :DD

  58. luigi

    this iz so stupid how do you downald it if the internet doesnt work????????

  59. StevenTorrey

    As soon as the notification comes on that my computer may be dangerously infected–I shut the computer off. That seems to work in preventing the malware from taking over the computer. I have AVG but that doesn’t seem to prevent this pop up. And when I run a scan of malware bytes or AVG, it says there is no problem. The AVG scan also runs a toolkit scan. So I’m really not sure whether I have trojans on my computer or not. The scans say no…

  60. cartrina franklin

    I just recently purchased a new desk top computer and it has windows 8 on and i put all the security on it why when i came home to type my resume’ I couldn’t get on the internet it kept saying internet stopping and inthe address bar was there. what can I do about this?

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