pop-up virus

Hi. Since yesterday, I started to receive pop-up from Prior to this, I have downloaded a download manager tool and partly installed it on the computer. I can say partly because it was blocked by my antivirus program. However, a virus component of it was managed to enter the PC. As a result, I am receiving pop-up advertisements from

Did several scans already but my security tool didn’t see any threats. I have downloaded spybot program to run a full scan. Same as the first scan, spybot didn’t find anything that causes this pop-up to appear. Looking at my add-ons, I can see several entries but all of them seem to be legitimate. There is no item identifiable to

Please help me stop this I am very much bothered by this program. Please suggest a tool that can delete from the computer instantly.

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  1. genie_yous

    My computer is also infected with this virus. Pop-up comes from every corner of the screen. It has somehow affected my Internet connection. It takes a while before I can open a new page. Looking at my processes, I can see that Internet Explorer is using huge amount of resources. It could be due to this virus. Please help me remove this threat from my computer.

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