Infected with Trojan horse BackDoor.Generic11.ZNE according to AVG

For 2 days now my AVG resident shield is detecting multiple random files with the same threat. It looks like a never ending multiplication of infected files, for now I have a new one like…
AVG File Infection Result
C:\Windows\System32\hjgtrhfjyktnfj.dll Trojan horse BackDoor.Generic11.ZNE Infected
C:\Windows\System32\hjgrugrteewkdm.dll Trojan horse BackDoor.Generic11.ZNE Infected
C:\Windows\System32\hjgruoopymhkfr.dll Trojan horse BackDoor.Generic11.ZNE Infected
C:\Windows\System32\hjgruaetbdejwm.dll Trojan horse BackDoor.Generic11.ZNE Infected
C:\Windows\System32\hjgrlpampemtg.dll Trojan horse BackDoor.Generic11.ZNE Infected

Can someone please tell me whats the best thing to do? Thanks



    Me too!! How do you do??

  2. joe

    me too! Symantec didn’t pick it up, and AVG didn’t pick it up until I updated it last night.

    I have had this thing for about a week and a half. It started after I install adobe 10 last week.

  3. Karl

    Your computer is infected with a virus and AVG is not finding the source of infection. Those dll’s are likely randomly generated by the virus and will most likely respawn even if you manage to delete them. I suggest the following:
    (1) download and run Prevx. That tool is really good at detecting such problems. It will likely list additional files that are infected. Checking for infection is free.Write down the infected files and locations.
    (2) Reboot in safe mode. Delete all the infected files one by one until you find files where access will be denied. Write down the name of these files.
    (3) Run regedit and search for the file name, deleting key containing the infected file. Pay special attention to HKLocalMachine/Software/Microsoft/WindowsNT/Current Version/Windows. There may be a key reading initAppDLL. Modify its value from 1 to 0.
    (4) Reboot again in safe mode
    (5) Delete the remaining DLL’s. They should be unlocked now.
    (6) Run CCleaner and delete all temporary files.

  4. Simon

    I had the virus too!

    just download trojan remover (free version)
    and it wil delete it right after installing!

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