Infected with a Desot.exe Virus

Can someone help me? I am infected with a Desot.exe Virus and I cannot remove it from my laptop no matter how I virus scanned it.
Also some error message is displayed when I try to open other applications. Need help badly. Thanks



  1. Kelvininatorr.

    My cousin had this just today. Download MalwareBytes, then install it.
    If you cant install it, install it using Safe Mode.
    How to get to Safe Mode:
    Turn off your computer.
    Wait 20seconds then turn it back on.
    As soon as your press the button to turn it on keep pressing F8.
    Choose Safe Mode without Networking.
    After that (install, if necessary) run MalwareBytes and it should detect it and remove it. Good Luck. (:

  2. Geo

    I have teh desot.exe, antivirus 2010, and windows police pro. Been working for two days and can’t anywhere. Had MW and when I can get any APP to run…it gets killed rightaway. Plus having rundll32.exe not found……help!¿

  3. vet

    I think that police pro is what added it in the first place as a gimmick to get you to buy the product.

  4. Gameboy

    Just download the Malwarebytes program and rename the program from “mbam-setup.exe” to “”. The best way to rename it is to change some things on the folder that you have the program, just go to TOOLS – FOLDER OPTIONS – VIEW and just uncheck the HIDE EXTENSIONS FOR KNOWN FILE TYPES and now you can see the EXE on the name of the program. Just rename the EXE to COM and you can install and run. I hope it helps!!!

  5. Walt

    I finally got rid of it. Could not open any programs or anything in the control panel. I took out my hard drive and ran a antivirus with my home computer. Then you have to change the registry in safe mode. If you send me an email I can show you an easy way to do it.

  6. Jeffrey

    I have desot.exe virus, and its not letting me do anything idk what it is its not letting me access the internet even in safemode any help please? doesnt even let me Reinstall Windows or anything. Please help someone?

  7. Walt

    Jeffery, go to safe mode and choose command prompt. Type in regedit. Registry will open up. drill down HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT. exefile, shell, command. Then go to file export and save it to make sure you are saving reg_sz. Then file import this file. And your virus is gone. Email me and I will send the file. This only works for XP. [email protected]

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