ilivid advertisement removal

I don’t know if this ilivid advertisement is residing on my browser or web site I visited. Whenever I browse, ilivid ads are all over the place. It almost covers half of my screen and it is quite irritating. The advertisement displays ilivid logo and a ‘Download Now’ button.

This problem started after watching a movie I have clicked on Facebook. From there on, I noticed that the ads became so aggressive; appearing on any web site I visited.

Please tell me plain and simple ways to stop ilivid ads from appearing on my computer. Are there any tools for this type of problem?



  1. Slobodan

    I had the same problem, with Chrome. There was a ” Fast Save” extension which i didnt knowingly install. After i disabled ( and deleted) it ilivid ads disappeared. Hope this helps.

  2. pablo

    Slobodan, can you tell me more about it? I don’t really know what you mean with “Fast Save” extension..Grtz..

  3. Jan

    I had this on my Mac. It started after I used Chrome instead of Firefox once.


    Tools–>Ad ons–> Delete SaveAs Plugin. (disabling did not work somehow).

    Seems this plugin changes Name quite often…

  4. John

    These pop up adds started appearing on my brand new PC. Clicking on the add would take you to a download screen with a countdown timer.

    The fix is fairly simple. Go to control panel>uninstall a program>IMinenent>uninstall. Problem solved

  5. Tyler

    I’ve only had the ad once so far, when I went to Netflix. I tried your method, John, but I couldn’t find “IMinenent”.

  6. qari

    thank you john

  7. Alex

    You say you have problems with iLivid ads too, right? Join the club, brother. Here’s how I solved the problem. For Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Opera browsers, you can get an extension called AdBlock. AdBlock blocks all ads on every website you visit, including ones for iLivid, and other malware programs too, like RegClean. It speeds up the internet connection a bit too, and it even means no more commercials before YouTube videos. As for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox browsers, you can download a program that does exactly the same job called Adblock Plus, which is also compatible with Google Chrome and Opera browsers. Hope this helps.

  8. Sandra

    I was trying to play a video I downloaded from YouTube and it would not play. I discovered the reason was that I had too many videos I had downloaded. I apparently had to start deleting some videos in order to get it down to under a certain amount to be able to watch what I needed to. I highlighted the oldest file and hit the ‘clean up’ button and everything got wiped out. This happened last night so I couldn’t continue and had to close down my pc. I have downloaded many programs in an attempt to recover those videos without any luck. How can I recover these deleted files from ILivid?

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