ielowutil.exe – is this a virus?

Hi, I have slight problem on my computer. I always have this “ielowutil.exe” thing appearing on my desktop from time-to-time. I also check my running process through task manager and it shows that ielowutil.exe is using huge amount of my resources.

Is this ielowutil.exe has something to do with a virus? I remember that before it begins to appear, my PC was infected with zeroaccess Trojan. My Internet Explorer and Firefox are affected with a browser redirect. So, I need to reinstall both and since then, this ielowutil.exe keeps on showing on my computer.

I am pretty sure that the Trojans are gone. This is the only problem left and I need help to remove this if it is part of a virus.

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  1. connectland

    What is “ielowutil.exe”?
    Ielowutil.exe is a process used by Internet Explorer that processes the operations, which require processing of Low Integrity level. This file is present on Internet Explorer versions 8 and 9. The process also provides an enhanced solution for sharing Internet cookies across integrity level.

    That answers your question. It is not a virus. Previous virus infection may have affected your browser. So, it might not hurt if you reinstall your Internet Explorer. But before you do that, please try to delete all cookies and other Internet files.
    1. Open Internet Explorer.
    2. Click on Tools in the menu and select Internet Options.
    3. On General tab, click on DELETE and make sure that cookies and Temporary Internet files are selected.
    4. Click on DELETE again to confirm your action.
    5. Restart IE and see if the error will appear again.

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