I used avira antivirus and sent my outlook to quarantine by mistake help recover

My avira free version detected my outlook 2007 as a virus, I clicked on quarantine by mistake and can’t find my outlook anywhere on my computer. I also can’t find avira now either and it has blocked my access to internet on my pc. HELP

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  1. logicboy

    If you quarantine it, then there is a big chance that the file is still in the “Quarantine” folder of your Avira antivirus. I am not an Avira user so I cannot pinpoint the actual location, but I am certain that there is a quarantine area where you can always recover any deleted file. Not unless you set Avira to “always delete” infected items.

    It is not clear if you have quarantined the executable file or the .PST file. If it is the executable file that you have thrown away, you can always reinstall Outlook while preserving all your email messages and folders.

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