Just a while ago, I have downloaded games and installed in on my PC. After installation, my computer restarts on its own. I have no idea what have happened. Now, each time I start the computer, a folder will open showing the folder C:\Documents. Only two files are withing the directory namely HRUPPROG.DIE.NOW and HRUPPROG.TXT.

I did try to search the computer for an executable version but I found nothing. However, I also noticed that the two files are also inside the System folder of Windows. I run a scan on my computer and it found a virus called Trojan.Dropper.BCMiner. Whether it is related to HRUPPROG.DIE.NOW virus or not is not my concern. All I want right now is to remove the virus from my computer. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. celdran222

    This is a nasty virus. HRUPPROG.DIE.NOW and HRUPPROG.TXT are both identified by AVG on my computer. However, the program cannot remove it. The virus has disabled my Internet access, so there is no way for me to download remover. The virus also removes my taskbar and cannot run the PC in safe mode. Since the virus enters my computer, I noticed that the system is logging or taking more time to open a file or program. Killing the running process (HRUPPROG) is not possible; errors will appear on the screen if I do that.

    After several attempt to remove the virus, I ended up formatting my computer and reinstalled Windows. In a couple of hours, my computer is virus-free.

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