how to stop bignetdaddy popups

bignetdaddy is always popping out of my computer and it is quite annoying. Please help me stop this pop-up. Thanks.


  1. tekie

    1. Download and install SuperAntiSpyware
    2. After installation, update it.
    3. Reboot your computer in SafeMode
    – During bootup press F8 on keyboard until selections appears
    – Select “SafeMode”

    4. Click SUPERAntiSpyware icon to start
    5. On the Main Menu, click Scan your Computer…
    6. Scan Location. Select c:\Fixed Drive
    7. On right side of the window, select Perform Complete Scan, then click Next
    8. Scanning will take some time.
    9. When scanning is done it will display Scan Summary
    10. On scanning Window, items detected are marked check
    11. Click Next to remove infected items.
    12. It will prompt you to reboot your computer. Click Yes to reboot.
    13. After reboot, on the Main Menu click “Manage Quarantine”
    14. Click the items that were quarantined and click Remove.
    15. Close the Window to exit SuperAntiSpyware.

  2. bogeyboy

    If it’s BigNetDaddy causing the problems, it’s much easier to go to the control panel, and slip into the programs/features… or add/remove programs on older versions of windows.

    Search for a program called contextual search by bignetdaddy… or something very similar. Hit the uninstall button and type the verification code that will be provided. Problem solved. :D

  3. glowman

    bogeyboy,that was simple,thanx,
    remains to be seen as effective.

  4. Lennit

    Hey bogeyboy, shot for the assist.

  5. dancergirl

    thanks for the tip!

  6. respectal

    bogeyboy, thank you!

  7. beckstrat

    I have this problem and it’s getting out of hand. Two days after this program found it’s way onto my computer via a song download I went to uninstall programs and did get rid of the bignetdaddy program, or so I thought. When the problem persisted I searched it and found these answers to situation. Howver, now when I go to Control panel, Uninstall programs, the contextual search bignet daddy is not there because I uninstalled it before. I’ve done a search of my C drive and cannot find it anywhere yet the problem persists and is destroying my ability to do anything on my computer. I’ve run my virus protection scan 3 times and have 2 spy ware programs installed and have run them a dozen times-no help. Please help me. I’ll try anything. Thank you.

  8. Dave53

    I seem to have got rid of the insidious little virus by going to Systems Restore and going back a month. Three days later and no sign of it. I’m also not convince with the Microsoft Security Center and Optus Security, which I pay for, allowed the little thing get established in the first place and doesn’t seem to allow me to record its presence so they can delete it for all time. I hope that SOMEONE is investigating the little worm aka Bignetdaddy and sue the criminals for what they have done to all of us!!!

  9. gald

    right answer bogieboy!! made it simple. thanks!!

  10. big dog

    I had the same problem. The fix it is simple.

    1. Control Panel.
    2. Add/Remove Programs
    2. Search for “Contextual Application BigNetDaddy” or something similar
    3. After you have located the program, double click it and then enter the uninstall validation # that will be provide.
    4. DONE!

  11. ruslin1224

    Thanks bogeyboy. Easiest fix I ever did.
    5 Stars to you

  12. jake

    i downloaded the free edition and that seems to work so far

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