How to Remove Zip Opener Packages

My computer is running under Windows 7, 64-bit version. Yesterday, I downloaded a tool from Cnet and installed it on my computer. I was not aware that the program comes with adware which are all installed on my computer. Too bad, I run the install in default mode. If I only run it in custom install, I should have avoided Zip Opener Packages.

Aside from the mentioned program, I also noticed presence of adware like MySearchDial and Spigot. Using removal guide from various forums and from this site, I manage to take off the two adware. Running Malwarebytes Anti-Malware suggested here also help me in removing other malicious entries on the PC.

I am sure that no more adware on my computer except for Zip Opener Packages. I tried to uninstall this thing from Add/Remove program but when I hit ‘Uninstall’, it will pop-up blank page and nothing will happen. There is also an uninstall link right on the Program List of Zip Opener Packages, but it also display a blank white page after execution.

Virus scanner wasn’t able to detect a virus on the PC. It seems that Zip Opener Packages is not a virus. How can I remove it completely? Please advice.

Jack Miles


  1. GloveMod

    There must be an uninstall entry on Add/Remove Programs of Windows. If you can’t find it, arrange the list showing the most recent modifications. If the latest program is unfamiliar to you, uninstall it. It could be the Zip Opener Packages masquerading as a different program.

    You can also use Revo Uninstaller, I just don’t know if free version of the program will let you remove Zip Opener Packages.

  2. Guii

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