How to remove www_getwindowinfo virus

I’ve been dealing with some sort of computer infection for 3 days now. This www_getwindowinfo thing is bothering my Google Chrome browser. When surfing the net, new tab always open to www_getwindowinfo for every 5 seconds or so. There are times that when I close the browser, it opens on its own showing the same thing.

I also noticed that www_getwindowinfo window or tab stops showing when another browser is open like Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. As soon as I close these programs, the problem instantly shows up. I know this is very odd but that is what happening right now on my computer. It can be some sort of virus infection or program error.

Scanning the computer with various tools suggested on several forums didn’t help at all. In fact no solutions works well in solving this www_getwindowinfo issue. Uninstalling recently loaded programs which I think are relevant to the issue also didn’t work to fix my PC.

Right now, I am quite optimistic that this is something to do with adware or virus that is not fully functioning. Prior to having www_getwindowinfo, my antivirus program alerted me of malicious domain/web site, which I blocked immediately.

Please help me solve this problem.


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  1. felipejess

    How about scanning with anti-rootkit such as TDSSKiller or Norton Power Eraser? Rootkit scanners may detect malware not found by normal antivirus programs.

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