How to remove win32:kukacka virus

Please help me. I have a folder inside my computer that contains all my downloaded programs. When I try to open any of its contents, or if I try to install it, my Avast detects a virus called win32:kukacka. This only happens on that folder, other folders with .exe files are unaffected. I did try to run a full scan using Avast security but found nothing. It seems that the problem will occurs when opening a file on the said folder.
Please help me. How can I remove this win32:kukacka virus if my program cannot detect it?


  1. cdrboy

    As far as I remember, win32:kukacka is also called as win32:sality virus. Kaspersky has a program called Sality Killer. Download the file from Kaspersky’s official website.

    Run the program and let it scan the computer. You have to delete all detected files after the scan. If removal is not permissible, the next best thing is to put it into the quarantine. Reboot the computer and do another scan just to make sure that it is completely eliminated from the system.

  2. Zeshan

    schedule a boot scan from avast… and restart…let the boot scan do its thing then when it detects the virus press 5 jus to attemp repair (it 99% of the time fails) then hit 2 to delete all the infected files….Avast is the best

  3. prince

    But if it affects the Window’s files, then what to do??

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