How to remove White Trader pop-up

I have been observing some sort of virus activity on my computer for past few days. I have this White Trader shortcut icon on the desktop that I don’t know where it came from. Also, White Trader pop-up always appear on my task bar with the following message:

“You haven’t used the program White Trader in a while”

I did some research about this virus and found out that the infection first appeared just this week. Most of the post on various forums has similar date as mine. The site of White Trader seems to be a legitimate trading site. My only doubt about its safety is how does it manages to install the program and enters my computer without my consent.

Since yesterday, I have been trying to remove White Trader pop-up on the PC. System restore of Windows is not helpful in this situation. Scanning the computer with MalwareBytes Anti-Malware didn’t resolve the issue either. The program hangs while in the middle of the scan process.

Other issue I’ve seen on the computer is pop-up error saying “wow.dll has failed.” Please help me remove White Trader virus from the system and stop this pop-up.


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  1. Tom

    Had a similar problem. Started after Norton blocked a root kit expoilt attack. Ran full Norton scan an TDSkiller from safe mode – all came back clean. Updated Norton, ran full scan again came back clean. Cycled the windowns desk top clean up utility – on than back off – White Trader icon gone, doesn’t come back on its own anymore.

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