How to Remove Webexp Virus

The problem started this morning after downloading updates. Advertisements started to pop-ups on my computer. This happens when I am browsing the web. Upon checking plug-ins on the browser, I noticed Webexp Enhanced V1 that is listed. I never install this product in the first place so how it gets inside my computer is a mystery.

I now suspect that virus is present on my computer and comes bundled with one of the Firefox update. So far only updates have downloaded and installed on this PC. So far I have no clear evidence so I am asking those who observe presence of Webexp to confirm this matter.

As of now, my focus is removing Webexp virus from the PC. Next, I will check thoroughly where this Webexp virus really came from does. I am presently running a scan of malwarebytes anti-malware. I will update this post once I have development in removing the Webexp virus.


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  1. laxi

    I got it yesterday.. I removed it a few minutes later ^^

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