How to remove wangzhisong virus

I just noticed that my computer is getting very slow each day so I decided to scan it with my antivirus program. Nothing was detected on the scan, so I manually inspect the contents. I found this wangzhisong folder and application. I also noticed other programs like mobogenie, free coder, and other things which I didn’t install on the computer.

Can’t remember a thing that I have installed linked to wangzhisong. Several programs were installed this week due to my requirements in school. Maybe one of the programs is the culprit for the presence of this wangzhisong malware on my computer.

I have read on several forums that wangzhisong is virus. I can agree with that. Scanning the computer with several anti-virus and anti-malware program does not get rid of wangzhisong folder and contents. Although it does not run and never shows-up on the screen, I can attribute the slow-down to this wangzhisong. It is so far the only program left on the computer; others were removed by the performed scan.

Please tell me how to remove this wangzhisong virus. Its folders, sub-folders, users, and programs are all visible on my computer.

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  1. andrew_tan

    For almost 2 days now, this wangzhisong virus is bothering my computer. I have anti-virus program but it cannot remove this infection. Please help me.

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