How to remove IAC virus

I’m from Italy and I’ve got IAC virus in my PC.
I follow Option 2 : Remove Fake International Police Association – IAC instantly with this Rescue Disk
because my PC cannot start Windows in safe mode.
But I have the same problem , the virus is still present, how can I remove it ?
Thank you for you help

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  1. ruzel_dv

    IAC or International Police Association virus can be removed from your computer using a tool called Windows Unlocker. It is a tool developed by Kaspersky to remove this specific ransom virus. For additional data about the tool, you can browser this page:

    The page also contains download location and procedures to record Windows Unlocker to a CD or USB device. You must boot the infected computer to this CD/USB so that IAC will not load into the memory. After boot-up, there is a console wherein you can start the scan on the infected computer.

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