How to remove Vaudix virus (aka Codec-C)

It’s been almost weeks now since I first observe pop-up ads when using Google Chrome. On my other browser, IE and Firefox, the only thing I noticed is constant redirect and new tab to advertisement page. Even though 3 browsers are affected, I only feel the aggressiveness of Vaudix virus on Google Chrome. Aside from pop-up ads, Vaudix doesn’t allow me to navigate or browser any pages. It seems that the browser is locked on the ads.

Vaudix virus has tremendously slow-down the Internet connection. There were times that the page gives an error page or disconnection notice. I have scanned the computer with antivirus tools. It found some threats but the process of removing them didn’t help to delete Vaudix from the PC. I can see the Vaudix add-on on the setup but there is no way I can remove it. Delete or Uninstall option is button is disabled.

My main question is basically the proper procedures on removing Vaudix virus or some calls it Codec-C. I never installed such program in the first place so I wonder how it gets inside my computer. I am presently running a scan with Malwarebytes and will update this thread whatever happens.

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  1. ShaneMoss

    Vaudix loads into the computer when you download a program that was required by some web site. In my case, pop-up a message telling me to download a codec, which I also removed later due to some redirect and pop-up issue that occurs when browsing the net.

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