How to Remove Trojan.Gen.2

Hi, My Norton Antivirus keeps on alerting me about Trojan.Gen.2. Only action taken by the program is to deny my access to infected file. It cannot delete threat. I also tried scanning my computer in Windows Safe Mode but to no avail. The Trojan remains on my PC. Here is log file it created after I run a scan. Actually, there are two infections detected, but Norton was able to delete Hacktool.Rootkit on my second scan.

Scan type: Manual Scan
Event: Risk Found!
Security risk detected: Trojan.Gen.2
File: C:\Windows\Installer\{4835385a-b096-9719-2ea1-2fbcaaa3cc2e}\U\[email protected]
Location: C:\Windows\Installer\{4835385a-b096-9719-2ea1-2fbcaaa3cc2e}\U
Action taken: Pending Side Effects Analysis: Access denied
Date found: 6. June 2012 14:43:06

Scan type: Manual Scan
Event: Risk Found!
Security risk detected: Hacktool.Rootkit
File: C:\Windows\Installer\{8725371c-a451-7609-4de7-4edftte6ff7a }\U\[email protected]
Location: C:\Windows\Installer\{8725371c-a451-7609-4de7-4edftte6ff7a}\U
Action taken: Deleted
Date found: 6. June 2012 14:58:26

I’ve been looking for answers around the web but I never found a complete solution to remove the Trojan.Gen.2.


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  1. wappi

    It is weird. Hacktool Rootkit Trojan is supposed to be the one that is difficult to remove. Anyway, Trojan.Gen.2 could be a part of the rootkit and Norton identify it as another threat.

    Try scanning the computer with Norton Power Eraser. This tool does not only remove viruses but rootkit as well. Though, you have to be very cautious when running this program. It is so sensitive that it may detect harmful even clean program whenever they are suspicious.

    If that does not work, starting the computer using the boot CD and repairing damages or infected files might help.

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