How to remove “Super Shopping” Coupon pop-up

After downloading multi-media player, Super Shopping coupon suddenly pop-up on my computer, right at the taskbar. This virus always has something to offer no matter what web site I am visiting. Super Shopping pop-up shows coupons, savings, discounts, and anything that is offered on the site.

I take a look at my browser’s settings and didn’t find any Super Shopping extension. Add/remove program on Windows Control Panel doesn’t have an entry for this adware either. Only program I have removed so far is the multi-media player that gave me this threat. I have also checked Program Files for possible uninstall information but there are no folder or files for Super Shopping program.
My only guess is that this software is installed on a location where programs are not normally placed. It could be on the system or hidden folders to avoid deletion. So, I did a file search for “Super Shopping” but comes out empty.

Please help me remove Super Shopping and stop the pop-up coupons from appearing on my browser. It is very annoying to see this offer since I am not keen to online shopping.

Thanks in advanced.

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  1. Jovus

    I am having the same issues as Krissie and would appreciate a response from anyone with experience.

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