How to remove srv123 virus?

When I downloaded tools from a reputable web site, I noticed that some changes are happening on the browser. Links are appearing on the browser. Green links that when clicked will open a new window pointing to After several searches, I found out that srv123 is malicious and it was considered malware by some security programs. I am just worried why my installed anti-virus software didn’t detect srv123 as a threat.

Now that srv123 has invaded my computer, I am not comfortable using it anymore. srv123 may have some monitoring capabilities which I am very much scared. My works is relevant to online banking so security is very vital.

Please tell me how to remove srv123 virus from this computer. Any tools and remover you may recommend is worth trying for me as long as it is legitimate. I must also mention that this threat affects only Chrome and Firefox but not Internet Explorer.

I have scanned the computer with Superantispyware, Adaware, and other tools but only a few problems were found. It didn’t remove srv123 and that is the main reason why I am posting this problem on this forum.

Thanks in advance to those who can help me.

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  1. jgoodman

    Whenever I have mild problems on the computer, I always resort to System Restore. Try this feature of Windows. It may help you solve your problem with srv123 virus.

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