How to remove “Sponsorship” Tabs and Pop-up

Every time I am browsing the Internet, I keep on getting “Sponsorship” advertisement. Most of the time, this virus will pop-up a new window on Internet Explorer showing different ads, surveys, etc… Its effect on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox is different. “Sponsorship” ads will open as a new tab. There are times that tab opens simultaneously until I cannot use the browser anymore.

It is really frustrating to be the ads especially if you are doing everything just to block them. I have Adblocker installed on Firefox, but it never stops new tab from opening. While in Internet Explorer, Pop-up blocker is already activated but it didn’t help me stop “Sponsorship” ads from showing.

At one point, “Sponsorship” ads even force me to install a search engine. The process could not be shutdown so I decided to turn off the computer just to prevent the installation.

Please help me remove “Sponsorship” ads that open on new tab and pop-ups. This virus is irritating. I have consumed one whole day to get rid of it but without success. I hope someone on this forum can help me.

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  1. Marjohn

    I have this Sponsorship virus. Home page and new tab are showing ads coming from I cannot find any unknown add-on or plug-in to remove. I already scanned the computer with my antivirus software but nothing was found. Please help me remove this Sponsorship ads.

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