How to remove Smart PC Cleaner

Pop-ups from Smart PC Cleaner is all over my computer. I can’t imagine how this bogus program entered my PC. Antivirus program is installed and I can see that it is doing real-time scanning whenever I download a file. Some programs may have installed this Smart PC Cleaner virus on my PC without taking my permission. If that’s the case, I have a lousy antivirus program.

The last program I know that is permitted to reach my computer is Codec, but I have removed it after several days because of errors appearing on the system. My problem now is Smart PC Cleaner. I don’t know how to remove it. The software do not appear in the add/remove programs so there is no other way to remove it instantly. I tried deleting the complete folder but it just reinstalls on its own.

Please help me uninstall Smart PC Cleaner completely. If it is a virus or some kind of fake antivirus, kindly share a refutable tool to delete it from the system.



  1. petebradley

    Smart PC Cleaner

    If you can’t find an entry of Smart PC Cleaner on Add/Remove Program of control panel, try searching for a suspicious name. Perhaps it is using another name to confuse computer users. Although, authors of Smart PC Cleaner can intentionally exclude uninstall module to avoid removal.

    If you are not a tech-user, please do not attempt to remove the malware by deleting files and programs. It may crash the system due to some process it initiates on boot-up. The right thing to do is run a scan of anti-malware or anti-virus program. I believe, with the so many complaints regarding Smart PC Cleaner, antivirus vendors have included it in the list of harmful programs.

  2. David

    Smart PC Cleaner is a rogue program that uses formal name to perplex computer owners who has OS of Windows xp, vista, 7. “Smart PC Cleaner” is downloaded from high traffic and insecure site that includes Smart PC Cleaner.exe file with the free offer of game, update or music. You can follow step by step guide to remove it:
    1. Stop processes that Smart PC Cleaner has run in the background
    2. Delete files that Smart PC Cleaner has added to your system folders and files
    3. Remove registry entries that Smart PC Cleaner has created to your system registry editor:(Note: Back up the Windows registry before editing it, so that you can quickly restore it later if any wrong operation.)

  3. PC Cleaner Pro

    PC Cleaner Pro™ 2013 is a premium registry cleaner that helps to improve the speed & performance of your computer. Scan your computer with PC Cleaner Pro to identify slowdown issues and fixing them with one click of a button.

  4. Kak ox


  5. Optimo Pro

    You can remove your PC cleaner from your control panel, I used another Optimo Pro PC cleaner, It is good PC cleaner and speed up your computer.

  6. Matthew S

    Shut up Optimo Pro no one gives two sh**s about you or your stupid program, we’re trying to get rid of you now f**k off..

  7. Manoj Singh

    Start-All Program-Go down and look for smart PC cleaner- Click on smart PC cleaner and click on uninstall and follow the unistallation procedure.


  8. cisco

    im having the same issue with optimo pro.. its annoying the f**k out of me cuz it keeps popping up.

  9. jamessara

    Can any one help me….. ! i have recently installed photo editing software. After using this software my pc became slow sometimes strucking can any one suggest me.

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