How to remove virus

Since yesterday, Microsoft Security Essentials pop-ups potential threat warning about Running a virus scan on the PC shows no signs of infection. What is I noticed this address at the bottom of my Internet Explorer. Random characters are showing and not only ‘twrfpiamdi’. Although, address is consistent.

This alert begins after I have downloaded an MP3 maker from CNET. I already removed the program but it seems that some malware or virus is left inside my computer. I am annoyed with the virus pop-ups on my computer. How can I stop this?

What tools are available to remove the infection? As I mentioned, I tried to delete the virus by running scans on the system but it comes out clean. Any recommendations are highly appreciated.


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  1. Steven_Cooks

    From what I know, is compromised with malware that is distributing rogue programs. These types of malware are hard to evade because they are using tactics to deceive victims. They will pretend as useful program and asked you to install them on the PC. If Security Essentials have blocked pop-ups coming from, then it is good for you. Those pop-up may deliver malware onto your computer. So, avoid clicking on them.

    If Microsoft Security Essentials detects the URL as malicious, therefore the software prevents you from visiting the site. It does not state that your computer is infected. This is the reason why no threats are detected after a virus scan.

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