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My computer catches a virus that redirects my entire Google search to I remember one thing before it happens; I downloaded an FLV player and installed it on my computer. Since then, I always have this browser problem. When I do search on Google, it will show the result, but when I clicked on it, hijacker will bring me to other web site, which I didn’t request.

Also, since I got this virus, there are many advertisement popping on my web browser. It is very annoying. My browser seems to so slow and sometimes it hangs and crashes due to this ads. I scan my computer with virus programs like AVG, Spybot, and Malwarebytes but all of them found no infection.

Please help me fix this. Thanks.


  1. Shmueli Ahdut

    Dear User,

    We have become aware of this thread and would like to let you know that Crossrider does not have any service related to .

    We would like to get to the bottom of this and understand what exactly you are experiencing.

    Please contact [email protected] with any information you may have, including screenshots if possible, so we
    can solve together as soon as possible.

    Shmueli Ahdut
    Crossrider CTO

  2. George Tang

    I too encounter the same problem. The only thing is I didn’t recall when I catch this virus.

  3. Louis Ramos

    * reflects in my computer under Popup blocker. It was listed twice of which I tried to remove them and one keeps popping up. I don’t know how it got into my system and why it does not go away as per my instructions to disallow it. I don’t want it and need information on how to delete it from the list of “allowedm sites” Thank you in advance./

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