How to Remove Reveton Trojan

Hi, the FBI virus hit my PC and I can’t do anything but to watch how it blocks every software on my computer. One time, I have managed to slip through safe mode and able to run Internet from there, I run an online virus scan. ESET online found a Reveton Trojan on my computer. After few searches, I found that it is the culprit for ransomware that struck my PC.

According to one source, Reveton Trojan arises from the family of Zeus. These variants of Trojans are responsible for stealing online banking details. Due to public availability of its source, Reveton is the top favorite for Trojans and virus makers to power-up their malware. Thus, every pieces of ransom software these days are armed with this code.

Back to my problem, online virus scanner detected only a presence Reveton . Somehow, it is stuck on my computer and was not removed by the scan. I also run a scan with Malwarebytes but it found zero threat. As said earlier, I cannot do anything when I boot my PC normally. What are other things I can do to remove Reveton Trojan when I am limited to run Windows in safe mode?

Hope I can receive response very soon.