How to remove pop-ups from CouponDropDown

This CouponDropDown pop-ups each time I am browsing merchant sites like ebay and amazon. The CouponDropDown menu will just appear at the top right corner of the screen and shows random ads and coupon discount. I never asked for this and it is very annoying.

Anybody here can please tell me how this CouponDropDown pop-up ad enters my computer. It just started to show one day and I have no single idea how it gets into my computer. Upon searching the web, I found out that the visiting web site has nothing to do with it. CouponDropDown is a virus that affects Internet browsers. My question remains. How did it manage to insert the code into my computer when it is guarded by an anti-virus program?

How can I uninstall CouponDropDown from my Windows when it is not present on the add/remove programs? I need tools and remover to get rid of this virus for the last time. Please advice.



  1. denz009

    How to Disable CouponDropdown on Internet Explorer
    1. Open Internet Explorer.
    2. On top menu, go to Tools > Manage Add-ons.
    3. On right panel look for CouponDropdown entry and click on Disable button to stop the service.
    4. You may now restart Internet Explorer.

    How to Uninstall CouponDropdown in Google Chrome
    1. Open Google Chrome Internet browser.
    2. Click on Wrench icon or ‘Customize and Control Google Chrome’ button located on top right corner of the browser.
    3. Click on Tools > Extensions from the drop-down list.
    4. You can see CouponDropdown from the list of installed extensions; remove it by clicking on the ‘Trash’ icon.
    5. Please restart Google Chrome.

    How to Remove CouponDropdown in Mozilla Firefox
    1. Open Mozilla Firefox Internet browser.
    2. On top menu, go to Tools > Add-ons.
    3. Remove CouponDropdown from the list of installed add-ons.
    4. Restart Mozilla Firefox.

  2. trevor


    I also have this problem but I cannot see the add-on in FF or IE. I also cannot see it in the list of installed programs.

  3. Alvaro

    Its not on control panal program remove/add, and its not on tools manage ad-ons internet explorer. This coupon drop thing is really annoying and please give me some advice on this if you can.

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