How to remove PC Cleaner Pro 2013

My new laptop is running on Windows Vista with the latest version service pack. Yesterday, message pop-ups from my system tray telling me to download the latest service pack. At first I have a doubt, but later on, I was convinced to click on the link and download the update. After the said update, I noticed major changes made on Internet Explorer. I also experience various browser hijacking and redirects. I did scan the computer with adwcleaner and manages to remove all the nasty adware on the laptop.

One problem is left unsolved. I have this PC Cleaner Pro 2013 virus that comes with the adware or it could be that it brought the adware. Anyway, I am having a hard time removing this program from the computer. PC Cleaner Pro 2013 gives me troubles browsing the Internet. I think it is blocking the access. A warning from this program appears saying that site I am trying to open is infected or something. Funny thing is, it shows the same warning even on sites like Google, Bing, etc…

I am trying to remove PC Cleaner Pro 2013 virus but couldn’t find it on Add/Remove programs. There is also no folder on the hard drive. What else can be done to uninstall PC Cleaner Pro 2013 from my computer? Any help will be appreciated.




  1. hummbird

    I have this PC Cleaner Pro 2013 on my computer. So far, nothing has worked in removing this virus from the computer. Add/Remove Program of Windows gives some errors and missing data and it cannot continue with the uninstall process. Running a scan of various security software didn’t find and risks on the computer.

    Last one I tried was to delete all files and registry entries that are linked to PC Cleaner Pro 2013, but nothing changes. It is still intact on my computer. I have to reinstall it, then try Uninstall once more and still no luck. Any other ideas on how to remove this program from the PC?

  2. snifferdog

    i to had this problem ,what i did was type %appdata% in the run box an press enter, in appdata roaming there should be file folder pc cleaner try delete it ,i you carnt delete go in to properties then security there should be unidentified account delete this and take ownership off the file ,,this will allow you to delete file also look in appdata local for pc cleaner folders delete with same process ,,hope this will solve problems it seems at moment to have solved mine ,,

  3. William Mayfield

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