How to remove njq8isHere.exe virus

I need help regarding njq8isHere.exe virus that infects my computer and all of my USB flash drive. Each time I plug-in the external drive, all folders and files in it converts into a ‘shortcut’ file. Executing the said file leads to nothing, it won’t open. njq8isHere.exe virus has done something to removed file association in order to open it with proper program.

All the while I think reformatting the drive can resolve the problem, but it is not. njq8isHere.exe virus re-appears each time I insert the USB drive on the slot. This thing has made tremendous changes on my files and computer as a whole. Computer is now running very slow and I couldn’t help but see that njq8isHere.exe eats up files on the computer one by one.

Please tell me how to remove njq8isHere.exe virus from both the computer and all infected USB drives. My antivirus program seems to be inefficient in removing njq8isHere.exe. In fact, it didn’t even block the attack.

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  1. flynn daisy

    Download Free Antivirus 2013 Antivirus, and then take a virus scan and delete the virus.

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