How to remove MBR.\\PHYSICALDRIVE0\Partition4 rootkit

Hi, my computer is suffering from a rootkit MBR.\\PHYSICALDRIVE0\Partition4. It is a Dell with running security software like Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and Avast Anti-Virus. Both of these programs are telling me that a rootkit is present on the computer. Actually, Avast was able to locate the exact location, while MBAM shows only alert. When I try to clean MBR.\\PHYSICALDRIVE0\Partition4 with Avast, it detects similar files at around 30 in existence. First, it tries to fix, then quarantine. However, Avast ended up deleting the virus. I thought that it took care of everything, but after a restart, the PC is still infected. Could it be because my Avast is a free version? How can I delete MBR.\\PHYSICALDRIVE0\Partition4 completely?

Right now, I am using a tablet to post my present situation. My Dell PC is unusable. It frequently freezes. I was thinking of reformatting the computer though a little bit hesitant because I wanted to find some easy ways to deal with the problem. What should I do?


  1. panthomx

    It is a rootkit Trojan. It actually infects part of your hard drive and creates a partition for itself. Ordinary antivirus programs are not capable of removing this type of Trojan. I suggest you should download anti-rootkit like Kaspersky TDSSKiller, Norton Power Eraser, or Sophos Anti-rootkit. So far, these are the best free tool I know that can take care of your Trojan infection.

  2. marcus350

    panthomx, Kaspersky caught around 14 Trojans. So far, my computer is not acting strange as before. I still have not tried to run Norton and Sophos, I am busy at the moment. I am sure these two may help clear my PC.

    Thanks for the advice.

  3. Karol

    That was when they had errors. Now it will not give you a virus yield I have Avast too and it shows no viruses. The only thing it does now is slow down your computer but it does not give you a virus now. However, if you have a Mac, it could give it a virus because of the p2p feature. For me, it slows down my computer so terrible. I just download it and uninstall it. Hope this helped you people out there looking for free music. Remember, just uninstall after you finish using it.

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