How to remove Lollipop virus

My computer was hit by a Lollipop virus. When I am browsing the Internet I am getting lots of ads and various offers from gimp, easel, and so on. Sometimes full page ad will appear when I am search Google and click on a link of the result.

Babylon Toolbar is also added by Lollipop virus to my Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. Firefox is somehow affected with Lollipop by making new tabs to have the Babylon Search. Other than this, I noticed how the virus has reduced the browsing speed. It takes a while before I can view a web page; it seems that something is happening in the background. My hard disk led never stops blinking.

I just remember having this adware after downloading a program from softonic. When I installed the program, pop-up starts to appear on the computer. Lately, Lollipop is the one dominating the entire computer. It pop-up advertisements, redirect my searches, and alter my homepage to show its own search engine.

Please help me remove Lollipop virus. I already uninstalled the item from add/remove program of Windows but it didn’t help. Lollipop still exists on my computer.

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  1. marvin

    As far as I know, Lollipop is considered as adware and not a virus. It does not infect files nor spread to the computer, thus it has no traits of a virus. Its main intention is to inject various codes to Internet browsers for income generating purposes of the author. If you have removed Lollipop from add/remove but nothing happens. You may try uninstalling (if present) the programs like Vittalia, Gimp, Babylon, DealPlay, and CCleaner.

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