How to remove “Live Security Platinum” with Malwarebytes?

Live Security Platinum virus penetrates my computer while browsing a web page. A pop-up instantly appears telling me that my computer is infected with malware. Then, the virus prompts me to download a remover. I am so damn that I followed all given online instructions without realizing that Live Security Platinum will bring total mess on my computer.

Right after it installed, my system starts to pop-up various warnings. It denies my access to all programs and files. Every attempt I made to run or open files, Live Security Platinum will post a warning saying that the file is infected. As always, it advise for a removal after I have bought the registration key.

I have malwarebytes on my computer and I am sure that it can remove the virus. However, several scans of Malwarebytes doesn’t seem to remove Live Security Platinum. Do I need to do special scans if any just to delete the malware? Can I instantly remove Live Security Platinum with Malwarebytes’ full version?

Hoping to get some answers ASAP.

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  1. edgie0011

    There isn’t much difference when scanning the PC with your own choice of anti-virus or anti-malware tool. In order to remove Live Security Platinum using Malwarebytes Anti-malware, you have to install the program first. One more important thing is do not forget to update the database in order for the program to detect most recent threats.

    Scanning is effective if your will execute in Safe Mode. When running Windows in Safe Mode, only critical files and drivers are loaded. In that case, components of Live Security Platinum are inactive. You have better chance or removing the threat using Malwarebytes.


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