How to remove Linkswift Ads

Few days ago, I have posted in another forum regard the Linkswift ads that my computer have obtained by download free games. Several days have passed; I never receive any response to my petty computer problem then. Now, Linkswift has blown into a virus. It is all over my computer. Excessive pop-up ads from Linkswift are flooding my desktop. Sometimes when browsing the Internet, this malware will control my browser and redirect my searches to unknown web sites.

After trying to solve this problem on my own by running a couple of scans, I managed to throw some malicious files into the quarantine area. Some infections cannot be deleted by my antivirus program, so quarantining them is the last resort. After those hard works, I can see minor improvement on the computer. Linkswift ads remains but I was able to control the redirect component of it.

I know that many things still need to be done but my method doesn’t work at all. Please suggest any tools or procedures to completely remove Linkswift ads from my computer. I tried restoring Windows through system restore but it is not effective at all. The virus might be on the system that cannot be overwritten with fresh files from system restore. Please help me.

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  1. Max

    This just happened to me. I just finished removing it. First I removed it by going to Chrome browser options and changing the options back to the default. In Internet explorer I got rid of it by going to the homepage options and changing it to blank tab on startup. Just to make sure my computer was safe, I then downloaded AVG 2013, Full Version 30 day Free Trial and it listed Linkswift as aTrojan horse and removed it completely. You can just use AVG and to it once and for all.

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