How to remove JS:Includer-FR [Trj] Virus

Every 2 seconds, my Avast anti-virus keeps on showing a pop-up about a virus called JS:Includer-FR [Trj]. It seems that the virus keeps infecting files on my machine, reason why it reached 100 plus detections as of now. This morning, it started only with 4 files infected with JS:Includer-FR [Trj].

Running a scan shows the same infected files, it cannot be cleaned. The only option is to delete them, which I cannot continue doing because most of them are system files of Windows. I am running out of options. Please tell me if there are other ways to clean my PC of JS:Includer-FR [Trj] virus. My last resort was to reformat Windows and delete everything.

Waiting for some advice.


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  1. lebby

    I know that reformatting the computer has advantages over cleaning the PC. Doing reformat freshen the content of your drive. Thus, it makes Windows faster. However, it is not recommended if there are many programs installed. You will need to install them one by one.

    At this stage, cleaning the computer using various anti-virus programs may help you get rid of JS:Includer-FR [Trj]. Since it was identified by Avast, run a scan using aswmbr. This is another tool made by Avast that can remove not only rootkit Trojan. It can also delete other threats from the PC.

    If you have cleaned the system, I suggest that you save a restore point so that you can just restore the computer from a previous saved date. This is more practical than reformatting Windows or scanning the entire system.

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