How to remove Inline Hook Win32k.sys virus

I run a virus scan on my computer and AVG detected a threat called ‘Inline Hook Win32k.sys’. The program said I need to restart the computer in order to fully remove the virus. After restarting the computer, I am expecting that all is well and virus has been deleted. I run another scan just to verify if computer is free from Inline Hook Win32k.sys. It was surprising to see that it was not removed. The scan and process overall is just going into a loop without any chance of removing Inline Hook Win32k.sys virus.

Here is the report I got each time I run a scan:

Name: Inline Hook Win32k.sys – EngGetFilePath+0x58 -> 0xFFFFF95F801F6872
Threat level: Medium
State: Reboot is required to finish the action
Identified by: Anti-rootkit

By the way, I run a scan on my PC because I have noticed that it is not operating the way it used to be. It has very slow response whenever I am opening programs and files. Internet is likewise affected. It takes a while before I can open any web page. So, I was expecting that virus or malware is present on my computer.

Please help me get rid of Inline Hook Win32k.sys from this PC. What other steps should I take to completely delete it?

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  1. Failan22

    I have a feeling that Inline Hook Win32k.sys is somehow related to rootkit and other Trojan. Try Kaspersky TDSS Killer. I used that tool to remove all sorts of Trojan and malware from my computer. Additionally, running a scan with MBAM and AdwCleaner can also catch some malicious files on the computer. It is advisable to run the scan after you restart Windows in Safe Mode. Also, do not forget to update the database of the security software before running a test on your computer.

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