How to remove virus

My Google Chrome and Firefox always get redirected to This started after I participated on an online survey to be able to download a file. Since then, I noticed that every time I open my browser, hijacks the home page as well as new tabs.

My computer is HP DV6, Core i7-2630QM, 6gig ddr3, 500gig HDD, Beats Audio, ATI Radeon 2GB DDR5. I have installed antivirus program but it didn’t auto-detect any threats on the computer. When I run a virus scan, the computer appears to be clean and free from any harmful objects.

I already search the web, but found only few procedures in removing virus. Trying each steps never helped me delete the malware from the computer. My browser still redirects to that web site. So sad, I don’t have a restore point. I known that it can somehow help me make the computer runs as normal as before.

Please help me get rid of virus. I am running out of options.


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  1. Greggy

    I think my computer is also infected with this virus. For the last few days, I noticed that my Firefox browser responds slowly these days. Upon inspection, I can see that whenever I tried to open a new web page, something is loading from The web address keeps on appearing at the bottom of the browser.

    There were times that a warning will appear asking if I want to stop loading the script. I suspect it has something to do with virus. When I stop the script, Firefox will hang, but if I let it go, by browser will crawl. Really don’t know what to do.

    I have run scanners like superantispyware and malwarebytes, but was not effective. Uninstalling the browser for a while also did not solve the issue. Please help.

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