How to remove ICE virus

My computer caught the ICE Cybercrime Virus and the system won’t allow me to have an access. As soon as I started Windows, it goes directly into the screen that displays malware messages. I have seen several forums hoping to resolve it on my own, but I failed. Maybe because I am not a tech guy and I have no trouble shooting skills.

All I wanted now is to remove ICE Virus using a tool or remover. Is there a one-click process to do this? My friend just run Windows System Restore on the infected PC but it was not helpful in removing the ICE virus. My local antivirus program has been disabled by the ICE virus and there is no way I can run it.

If you know some tools that can automate the removal of ICE virus, please leave me a message here. I will be very thankful for your help.



  1. gshocker

    This ICE virus is no different to any other Police or FBI ransomware. Malware authors tend to change the title but the core program remains the same. Whenever I have clients whose computer is infected with ransomware, first tool I am using to scan the computer is Kaspersky TDSSKiller. It has rootkit scanner and rogue remover. Be sure to download the most recent file that is very effective for the most recent malware including newer version of ICE virus.

  2. Lindsay

    Hiya, I’m having ralley problems with this PC EU Virus. It wont let me past the screen and none of the safe modes work. I’ve read aot about bookting up with external devises but I can;t find that option or set anything up on my USB Can you help? there isn’t anything of value o the laptop so I wouldnt even mind knowng how to completed format it and start from new

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