How to remove HOWDECRYPT Ransomware

The problem started after I have downloaded and installed a program, actually a fake Flash update. My antivirus pop-up a warning and goes away in a matter of seconds. Looking at the taskbar reveals that antivirus program is already disabled.

My computer restarted after several minutes and I was able to login and use the computer normally. However, when I try to open documents, Word is showing errors. Using Windows Explorer, I browser on the folder and I saw that all files are renamed. Also, there are folders called HOWDECRYPT which states that files are encrypted. It is charging me $500 to decrypt all my files.

The name of the ransomware is not clear, only the HOWDECRYPT folder is identifiable as of the moment. This malware also deals with victims through online payment like MoneyPak, Ukash, and Paysafecard.

Please tell me how to remove HOWDECRYPT from the computer. Also, can someone help me decrypt the files without having to pay the $500 that this virus demanded?

Waiting for your reply.
Rev John

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  1. GloveMod

    “Howdecrypt virus” could be a new variant of ransomware. I never heard any incident tagging Howdecrypt as the attacker. Anyway, thorough virus scan using various tools may help you remove the virus. As for the decryption of files affected by Howdecrypt virus, you may use Shadow Explorer. This is a free tool that looks for backup of files. In a more technical term, Windows Vista, 7, and 8 used to create a Shadow Volume Copy each time you saved a file. Some call it Previous Versions, while in Windows 8, it is known as File History.

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