How to remove File Restore virus

File Restore virus has invaded my computer this morning. It blocks my computer’s Internet access and disables my antivirus program. Every time I run a scan, it pop-ups an alert saying that file is corrupted. The malware advises me to buy the registered version before in will unblock access to all apps in the computer. Most of the time, File Restore is running its scan in the background. I can see that the taskbar icon is moving so definitely it is active all the time.

Without my antivirus I will not be able to run a scan. With Internet blocked by File Restore virus, I have no way to download removal tool for this malware. Please tell me what to do. I am running out of options for this malware. It has taken my whole day trying to figure out the solution but can’t seem to find one.



  1. danzauto

    mill007, File Recovery virus is clever enough to block your access to known removal tool. Once it is installed, there is no easy way to remove the malware. While the virus is running in trial mode, there is nothing you can do to stop it, unless, you are familiar in ending its process and deactivating File Recovery registry data. If you can remove these components, the malware will not load on Windows boot-up. Thus, you have all the time to remove it from the computer.

    Another and the most easy way is to activate File Recovery. Click on “Click here to activate” and input this code: 08467206738602987934024759008355. You may use any email address to activate the rogue program.

  2. Christopher

    File Restore is a stupid antivirus i hate it..the given steps helped me to solve the problem.

    Still confused that how will I know that same virus got in my system???

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