How to remove FBI Money Pack Virus?

My laptop has the FBI Money Pack virus. I’ve tried going into Safe mode with command prompt, safe mode for networking and normal safe mode but the virus won’t let get into safe mode to download any AntiVirus software. I was told to use shift F10 which gave me a command line and to then use explorer.exe to bring up my desktop. Even when bringing my desktop up that way I’m not able to access the internet or do anything else. I even tried the taskmgr.exe command to bring up task manager and end the processes but wasn’t sure which processes I should be ending. What else can I do to get rid of this virus?


  1. shawn

    Before, the best option to remove FBI virus is by scanning the computer with MalwareBytes Anti-Malware and Kaspersky WinUnlocker. You can find these tools on this site. However, some user reports that these tools are not effective at all due to the upgrades on this virus. Alternative removal method could be to run rootkit remover before running MBAM and WinUnlocker. As we know, rootkits made the virus to be invisible once inside the computer. Thus, your antivirus and any other security program may not be able to detect its presence.

  2. Charles

    Press f10 repeatedly. On windows 7 it should say “repair my computer” then select system restore go back as late as u choose. Then run it and it may say it wiz unsuccessful but if u start it up normal u will be fixed up. The same stuff happened to me last night. Time estimated is about 15 minutes. It’s worth the wait text 8702246092 if u have any questions

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