How to remove CyberLocker Ransomware

Please help me. My computer is infected with a CyberLocker virus. This malware suddenly appears on the computer screen after I accidentally opened an email. CyberLocker asserts that all files on the hard drive are encrypted including all private documents, photos, videos, and programs. It prompts me to pay $300 for the private key in order to restore said files to its original form.

I have search the web for ‘CyberLocker’ or ‘Cyber Locker’ but found no results as of this time. Running MS Security Essentials to scan the PC for viruses did not help either. In a while, I will try to reverse the virus process using System Restore, although I am already doubtful if this process will work because I know that personal files are not part of it.

If anyone in this forum ever encountered CyberLocker ransomware or similar threats, please guide me on the removal guide. Kindly provide tools if any, that can decrypt files on my computer that were locked by this CyberLocker malware.

Stephen Budz

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  1. justine22

    CyberLocker virus is another ransom Trojan that cannot be removed easily using one tool or antivirus software. You will need a set of tools. First, download Kaspersky Rescue Disc and copy it to your Flash Drive. This tool allows you to boot away from Windows and instead you will start the computer in its Linux operating system. This method will not give CyberLocker to ruin with your tool. Scan and delete all malicious items found.

    Then, download and install the free version of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. This tool is very effective in finding hidden files and registry entries that belongs to CyberLocker virus. You may perform other scanner as long as it is legitimate program. The more scanners you use the more malware it may identify and get rid of.

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