How to remove Celas virus

Hi, a Celas virus locked my computer. It wiped out all my files, particularly My Documents where I keep all important data. This infection occurs after I watched a video sent to my facebook account. I never watched the whole movie though, because this celas virus already taken my whole screen and locked my access. I cannot even close the screen itself. The virus shows a warning similar to other ransom program. It has messages something like this:

Access to your computer was denied.
Illegally downloaded music tracks [in other words, ”pirated copies”] have been detected at your PC.”

Celas wanted me to pay for a code, which costs 50 Euros. One thing I am sure of is that I don’t have pirated software. I never downloaded any music files as stated in the warning. That confirms that celas is another ransom program.

Please help me remove this virus. Also, is there a way I can recover all missing files? Thanks a lot.


  1. jumhong

    Celas Trojan is another ransomware. You can find several tools on the Internet that can remove desktop lock Trojan. One of my favorite is Kaspersky’s Windows Unlocker. To use this tool, you need to download two files. One is the antivirus itself, and the other one is the disk maker.

    The tool works best with USB drives. You can create a bootable USB drive from the software you downloaded. You need to boot the PC on that USB tool. When it is loaded, look for the Terminal command from start menu. Just type “windowsunlocker” on the command prompt and select “Unlock Windows.” It will make necessary actions to unlock your PC.

    To completely remove Celas, you must go back to Kaspersky Rescue Disk main console. Go to Start and select KRD at the top. Update the scanner and then run a full scan on your computer.

    Hope this can help you. Goodluck!

  2. Azmain

    it’s a virus/scam, just do a recovery on your computer than i which it will go..

  3. connectland

    System Recovery can work well with this low-risk type of virus. However, this is only possible if you have saved a restore point prior to the infection.

  4. Sneha

    It is safe, I’ve been using it for a year now. only once did I get a warning, I have avast. and It was my fault for downloading a song that looked suspect. and do not ever download a song that you know the artist never recorded. for example, when you look up fleetwood mac, and they have a song called hotel California.

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