How to Remove Bprotect virus?

My McAfee antivirus keeps on showing an alert called Adware-Bprotect. It states that this virus is on Browser Manager. So, I look for any program with that name and uninstall it from my computer. After deleting all files of Browser Manager and removing it from Windows Add/Remove, nothing has change. My antivirus program still displays a threat Bprotect.

Looking deeply into my computer settings, as well as browser add-ons, no other presence of Bprotect is present. I also did full scan with malwarebytes anti-malware and it did not find any virus or malware on the computer. I am really running out of options in removing the Bprotect virus from my PC. It is very disturbing. Why McAfee does identified the threat but was not able to remove it? Is there something wrong with my settings?

Reading from some forums where members have this Bprotect virus on the computer states that it is relevant to Babylon. In my case, I can’t find any other suspicious software or adware. Registry, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome are all free from unwanted files.

Any advice is very much appreciated.


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  1. Pandex

    Some says that Bprotect is not a virus that’s why no antivirus program will detect it. Just recently, McAfee dubbed this as Adware-Brotect. The antivirus program will warn you if Bprotect is detected on the computer. Sadly, even McAfee cannot remove this threat.

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