How to remove allsearchapp virus

I have been dealing with this allsearchapp virus for two days and so far, I haven’t found real method to remove it from the browser. It all began after I have installed what I assumed was an update to Firefox, but it turned out to be an adware or something. I quickly realize that I have committed a huge mistake after seeing allsearchapp all over the computer.

Allsearchapp toolbar is placed on browsers. My default toolbar was gone. The virus is so aggressive that it can manipulate the browser, change settings, and install plug-ins without my permission.

Home page is set to allsearchapp Search. I am not the person who will use unknown search engine like this one. I know that it can redirect my browser to risky web pages. The problem is, I cannot reverse the changes done by allsearchapp virus. I have set my homepage to Google but changes won’t save. Firefox and Google Chrome open a new tab of all search app every time I used them.

It is strange because some people talk about allsearchapp is only affecting Chrome, but in my case, all browsers were got infected. There is no way that I will let this virus to stay longer on my PC, please give me quick and effective remover. I am willing to purchase the removal tool if proven worthy of removing allsearchapp.


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  1. Kevinstar

    Try iSafe free virus removal tool, it’s free and should be helpful to settle allsearchapp virus

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