How to remove virus?

Just today, when I am accessing web sites like Facebook, Yahoo, Bing, and Gmail, a message will pop-up on the screen telling me that a security issue was detected on The window asking that I should confirm the certificate. However, when I clicked on the button to verify, it did nothing as if I didn’t click it. The page just locks on this

This thing happens on Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome, my 3 browsers. Since all of them were locked by virus, Internet browsing is not possible on my computer. I have to use a tablet to post in this forum.

So far, steps I have taken to remove the virus are uninstalling all the browsers and download new ones. Sadly, it didn’t help resolve the current issue. Anyone here having the same problem browsing the web due to this virus, please share your thoughts.



  1. Filbert

    To clear things up, or Akamai Technologies is a CDN (Content Delivery Network). CDN are legitimate computer servers around the world that serves web contents like images, music, movies, etc… CDN was developed and build to deliver the contents from the nearest server so that it can reach the user in the quickest possible time.

    About, it is being utilized by several web sites including Facebook. This is the reason why you will see an address in the status bar like ‘’ when using Facebook.

    In short, whatever you are downloading from is uploaded by web owners themselves and chances are, malware can evade the security and restrictions by

    IT Manager

  2. jrfisher

    I am currently solving browser issues with My browser keeps on showing advertisements that bears the said URL. I tried to remove it using CCleaner but it stays on the system. I can’t find a better way to remove this virus. Please help me.

  3. kabupoo

    check this and know more about hxxs:// is a rogue malicious site that may cause virus infection and browser hijacker issues.
    Download iSafe free virus removal tool, take a deep scan and clean.
    It will helps to clear thoroughly.

  4. mario sila

    akamaid is making my facebook slowly….. i found information about a VIRUS called this way….. my computer is not working well… i have NORTON 360 & i run the fast & full scans & the problem is still there!

  5. Andrew Mithi

    Hie you have to browse UC web browser and install it with quick heal antivirus. Thank you.

  6. Angie D

    I can’t get rid of these They seem to follow me. I have done a hard reset and used many security softwares. My android has been altered. Help!

  7. Eric Anugraham

    Hello everyone, I contacted Apple Tech Support ran all kinds of test on my new Mac Book Pro & they say its not a Virus. My computer is 3 weeks old. I contacted ESET the best Antivirus Co they checked say no Virus. Computer is working fine. Its FB problem. I still have this strange Tried contacting Face Book no response. FB do not have phone support. I have sent a message to the FB Tech Support. Wonderful. Every time I go to upload it takes me to this site. The problem I have no one sees it as a problem some of my files look FOGGY CLOUDY I can’t delete it or open them.. This tells me for sure some one else has control over some of my Pictures. This happened to me last year when my PC was hacked. So the best cure is to wipe it out completely clean & reinstall all operating Sy’s & programs like Adobe & other software. Its a lot of trouble& time. FB should respond to this problem or may be they think its ok or may be they don’t know & think this is the best way to upload pictures. I am a pro ready to Deactivate FB??? If no response. Here are the two phone no’s 1-800-470-8613. 1-650-543-4800. You can leave a message & see. FB Stock is at $71.00 now.

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