Homeincomenow2.com and muchmoneynow.html Virus

Is there a way to remove Homeincomenow2.com and muchmoneynow.html virus from my computer? It keeps on bugging my friends by sending them email containing the link. A friend told me that emails are sent almost three times daily. When I have a chance to view the message, my email address is the real sender.

Does this mean my computer has the virus? On my observation, my contacts start to receive email messages with muchmoneynow.html right after I execute a software crack. After I realized about the effect, I start scanning the computer with anti-virus program. It found a Trojan Downloader and removed it successfully. However, my computer is still sending emails with muchmoneynow.html links that when clicked will show a page on Homeincomenow2.com.

I know that this is an online scan and I am not happy about it. Much more, I am very worried for not removing the virus from my computer after the scan. What else should I do?

Waiting for replies.


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  1. leeby22

    I have seen this on my computer. muchmoneynow.html is a link that is a content of spam email messages. It is a plain link that when clicked will open up a browser windows that leads to Homeincomenow2.com web site.

    As far as I know, both are still safe. What is risky is when you download any program from Homeincomenow2.com. If ever your computer is equipped with anti-virus program, it will send an alert if the two items are harmful.

    To be sure, run a complete scan of your installed anti-virus software. You can also do the scan after you restart Windows in Safe Mode. It is much effective to check for viruses after booting the PC in Windows Safe Mode.

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